Our Organisation

The Cyclone Research Group is one of the largest and most comprehensive Non-profit 501(c)3 organization of its kind. Commanding a fleet of specially equipped intercept vehicles tested to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph, the Cyclone Research Group is responsible for on site coordination of meteorological data, events, and other aspects of emergency operations that vary by region. Located throughout the Coastal United States, Central America, and Caribbean, our bi-lingual teams are trained on an annual basis in emergency preparedness, meteorology, and public relations to name a few. And, at a moments notice can be positioned directly in the forecast path of a hurricane. With operational bases strategically throughout the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, our teams have the ability to be in position for landfall anywhere in the Atlantic basin in less than twelve hours. In addition to the contribution to meteorology, the Cyclone Research Group actively works with government agencies on all levels and in all regions, to gather and disseminate relevant information in a timely manner during the most adverse conditions, thus improving situational awareness, giving officials the ability to concentrate the bulk of their recovery resources where they are needed the most.

The expertise of the Cyclone Research Group is nationally regonised and team members are regularly invited to speak at weather conferences and preparedness events thourhgout the U.S., Mexico, and Caribbean to teach what they have experienced in efforts to improve mitigation techniques, and promote awareness of the challenges associated with all aspects of a tropical cyclone.

Tel 954 642-8251 info.cycloneresearch.com
Look live into the middle of a tropical cyclone, live weather data and video feeds for the entire land fall.
Information on the regions we have expanded to, and details on the vehciles bases
Accounts of some of the most notable storms and the operations associated with intercepting them
Details on the Cyclone Research Group, Founder, Staff, and Board of Directors